more than just hot!

Back pain, damaged knees, slipped disc? Or just want to lose weight? It’s simple: 26 positions at 40 ° C. The original Bikram’s Hot Yoga is a series of simple Hatha Yoga exercises, a physical therapy to strengthen the spine and improve mobilization of the joints through a targeted muscle workout in combination with stretching exercises and fascial fitness. Especially suitable for beginners.

If you want to deepen your yoga practice and  discover new things, then we have the thing for you on the schedule. Our ‘Intermediate Class’ brings you in a demanding but safe way through further exercises to a next level.

If that’s not challenging enough, we offer you once a week the ‘Advanced Asana Practice’, where you will certainly broaden your horizon.

Who wants to take it easy will love ‘Yin Yoga’. Relaxing, calming, balancing. Especially on Sunday evening an atmospheric fade-out to a stressful week.

Yogaloft Vienna

The Yogaloft is the most generous, open Yoga Studio in Vienna, situated in the 4th district of Vienna. The unique location in an old factory at Wiedner Hauptstrasse 78 makes you feel far away from everyday life, the ideal place to unwind and relax.